Scalable Surecall 80 dB Dual Band System – 90080

If you have a very large facility to boost cell and data signal and want the flexibility to add more antennas in the future, then this 80 dB high gain system is for you. This is the most powerful amplifier system with enough power to sustain multiple broadcast antennas inside the building. This kit comes with 2 indoor antennas, but can be expanded to 3 or 4. (options available at checkout!)

Key Features

  • Works for both data and voice on all cell phone networks (850 Mhz & 1900 Mhz) both in United States and Canada
  • Easily scalable
  • Supports CDMA, TDMA, GSM, 2G and 3G
  • Auto shutoff regulation protects the intricate circuitry from sudden surges
  • Boosts cell phone signal FROM and TO the cell tower
  • Enables the cell phone to operate at optimum operating conditions, which in turn improves the cell phone’s efficiency when comes to managing battery power
  • Kit Includes

  • 9 db gain omni directional fiberglass antenna
  • 80 dB gain dual band amplifier
  • 2-Way splitter
  • 2 x ceiling mount dome antenna
  • 75 ft, 2 x 100 ft low loss cable
  • Power supply and Installation manual
  • 80db-mega-cell-phone-booster

    Technical Specification

    Part Number
    Uplink: 824-849 and 1850-1910 MHzDownlink: 869-894 and 1930-1990 MHz
    Reconfigurable gain, maximum 80dB
    Max Output Power
    3 watts
    LMR400 or CM400
    Noise Figure
    3-4 dB typical
    ± 2.5 dB
    > 90 dB
    Power Consumption
    < 9 watts
    N-Female 50 ohms
    7.25 x 7.375 x 2 inch
    4.72 lb

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