Dual Band Dome Antenna-301121

This internal antenna is mounted indoor ceiling and distributes the amplified signal from the external antenna and works with all frequency (800 MHz, 1900 MHz, iDEN) and hence can be used with any type of external antenna.

This Dome Antenna comes with all necessary installation hardware and instructions. We recommend a Wilson 400 Coaxial Cable to minimize any loss during transmission.

Technical Specification

Product Reference 301121
Frequency 800-900 MHz / 1800-1990 MHz
Antenna Gain 2.5 dBi
Impedence 50 ohms
Antenna Gain 10 dBi
Max Power 50 Watts
Polarization Verticle
Ground Plane Built-in
Connector N Female
Diameter 8 inches / 20.32 cm

Installation Manual