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When you get stuck on a highway are on a byway but for cell phone signal,  the frustration of having a cell phone and not be able to reach someone is very real.

Working of Cell Phone while traveling

The way the cell phone towers work is based on the range the tower can broadcast. that range is dictated by the cell phone towers and how strong the broadcast antenna on the Tower.

Essentially a cell phone tower is a big broadcast radio although a very Advanced Radio it still operates as an radio when you are in the city the cell phone tower breaks the whole city into small sections and then color the area of the city based on the capacity that it is built with.

The way the cell phone companies divide the cities is a hexagonal  cells since these  cells are operating in low-power transmitters the same frequency can be reused in the connected cells.

Components of Cell Phone

  1. The way to cell phone signals communicate between a cell phone and a cell phone tower is by a bunch of identifying call SID numbers.
  2.  when you first turn on the phone it connects with the cell tower and SID number corresponding to its ID number.
  3. Speak cell phone also connects with a mobile telephone switching office (MTSO)
  4.  when your cell phone is not in range is when you get out of service message on your phone
  5. When the SID  number cannot match up with the MTSO number then your phone essentially goes into roaming 


How to improve cell phone signal in the road?

Now there are some easy ways that you can improve cell phone signal when you are traveling 

  1. If your phone is clogged with a bunch of apps and if those apps are taking up the bandwidth then your cell phone signal can be weakened by those app 
  2. 2 is when  there is significant obstructions in your travel path such as mountains and trees and other obstructions along data roadways 
  3. Another strain on your cell phone is the battery because of no service the phone constantly looks for service and can drain the battery so if you can go to your settings and put your phone in low-power mode are battery saver mode in Android phones can help you produce that strain also can improve signal

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