This is Quad shielded RG6 cable with F male - F Male connector on each end. This cable can be used with the following booster kits: DB Pro Wide Area with Yagi Antenna - 841263 DB Pro5000: Cell Phone Booster for Home or Office 5,000 Sq Ft DB Pro Dual.... Read More

This suction cup mount enables to attach the panel antenna to glass window, for easy installation.

[easyreview cat1title="Customer Rating" cat1rating="4"] This is one of our most popular mid-size amplifiers that is suited for small homes, 1,500 to 2,500 Square feet area. This is a dual band amplifier that is versatile and works for all carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and others. Key Features Completely Wireless: This.... Read More

Skype has become one of the most popular application when it comes to making calls over the internet. It is so popular that the act of calling someone over internet is now referred as SKYPE . Skype has a huge user base and most of them are now using the.... Read More

Microcell, do they really work?

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Microcells are a subset of small cells. A small cell is an operator- or carrier-controlled radio access node that has a coverage range from 10 to several hundred meters, according to the Small Cell Forum. There are different types of cells that include the smallest femtocell and increase in size.... Read More

In a resent New York Times article the author gave the readers a glimpse of the ways and means the major cell phone providers try to take the industry in the direction that they seem to like it. Instead of paying more attention in how to improve the over sold.... Read More

CM248- Indoor Panel Antenna

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This indoor panel antenna is a high gain antenna suited for places where the signal needs to be broadcast over a wide area. Indoor systems GSM/CDMA/3G/WLAN systems 800~2500MHz Broadband working Broadband, Low VSWR Wall Mount,Indoor Used Compact Size, Low Profile Lightweight ABS Radome N-Female Connector with Pigtail

This is a magnet mount antenna that sticks on top of your vehicle, works with in vehicle amplifier units providing a wide rage of operation. The 806-894 Mhz / 1850-1990 Mhz frequency range permits this antenna to operate with all carriers and networks in North America. Part Number   CM200.... Read More

Yes, while we are still waiting for the complete roll out of the 4g network, the cell phone technology is bracing for the Xg super network to roll out. As per Cisco the network equipment manufacturer for the phone company is expecting the network band width demand will double every.... Read More

We often get asked on what is the difference between uni-directional and bi-directional antennas. Antennas in general are both uni-directional and bi-directional meaning that they can both receive and transmit signals. A particular type of antenna design can influence the pattern in which the antenna communicates. Directional Yagi Antenna As.... Read More