One question we often get from new customers is what is a Yagi antenna and if they must get a Yagi antenna instead of an omnidirectional antenna? Simply put, a Yagi antenna is nothing more a the old school TV antenna, but configured for cell phone frequencies. Similar to TV.... Read More

Now, when it comes to big enterprise buildings or huge ware house buildings the best way to go about deciding a cell phone booster solution is to start with the blue print of the building structure. Things that comes in handy in figuring out the best solution are: a) A.... Read More

Why do you experience poor cell phone reception in cities and rural areas, when conventional wisdom suggests that at least the buildings cities must be properly covered. Even though the reasoning may be different, the result is the same. In cities we have more call traffic then in rural locations..... Read More

In the recent month the telephone giants in United states have been waging a campaign to have a say in who is eligible to manufacture cell phone boosters and repeater systems. Their complaint is that the individual booster systems create disruption in their network and creating trouble for the network..... Read More

Accessory Kit with AC power Supply – 859970

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This accessory kit allows you to use : Sleek cell phone booster or Verizon 4G LTE at home without removing the antenna from your vehicle and hence an absolute portable device. or Wilson Multi User Wireless And 12″ Antenna Kit – 801212 Kit Includes AC power supply Window bracket mount.... Read More

Buildings that are about 2,500 Sq feet area falls under this category. Boosters are sold as kits, meaning a complete system that includes the External antenna, Amplifier Unit, Internal Antenna, Cable and necessary hardware All amplifier systems are wireless, meaning it requires no physical connection to the phone to enhance.... Read More

If you are one of the thousands of customers who recently changed your cell phone carrier from Verizon, T-mobile or any other phone company to AT&T, because you wanted to use the iPhone ? By now you would have realized that your dropped calls have increased considerably. Studies have shown.... Read More

AT&T filed a lawsuit against Digital Antenna for causing interference in Southern Florida. The interfering amp was installed in a large yacht at a shipyard when finally traced and shut down. It apparently had no oscillation detection and shut down, or if it did, it malfunctioned. More specifics are available.... Read More

At&T is reportedly working on something called thefemtocells, which is based on the idea that the phone network is not able to support your needs so the phone company is utilizing the bandwidth of the internet to do its work. This sounds like a good idea BUT, what if your.... Read More

Yagi Directional YX026-CEL

This antenna is used for CEL band operating in the 800-850 Mhz. Installed with YX500CEL or YX600 CEL to get a 11 dB gain in signal strength.