Mobile phones are becoming more and more integerated in every day life style as a way to connecting, finding and navigating the day to day tasks like finding friends and businesses while on the go. Loopt is introducing a new app for iPhone called the pulse now and later for.... Read More

J-pole Antenna Mount is used to install the external antenna for stability and free of interference

[caption id="attachment_2584" align="alignleft" width="520" caption="iPhone reception booster"][/caption] Their is a huge influx of complains coming from iphone users on 3G network. The problem lies in the fact that At&T and Apple went out in the field and committed to promises that they were not prepared for, infrastructure wise. 3G and.... Read More

With the advancement of science and regular growth in cell phone industry cell phones have become need of all human beings. And people want to stay connected with everybody in this world and not to loose important calls. And also they don’t want to loose connection with their friends and.... Read More

Cell phones are great – they keep your connected to the world, provide with necessary information and make a lot of things easier and faster. These devices are very popular and it seems like the sales of them will never really go down. However, there is always a but and.... Read More

This is very sleek, compact and magnetic, easy to transport from one vehicle to another. Works well with They work well on automobiles, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and attaches itself to a metal surface. Key Features * Dual Band works with T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint PCS, Alltel, Cricket, Metro PCS,.... Read More

PCS-CEL Antenna Combiner

This is used to add additional antenna to an existing kit you buy. If you are adding an extra antenna to your kit you need to have one of these to combine the extra antenna and it can be PCS antenna or CEL antenna .

This works with any cellular provider in US, 806-866 MHz / 896-939 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz frequency and works with T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint PCS, Alltel, Cricket, Metro PCS, US cellular, Tracfone, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Nextel and iDEN networks Key Features Easy to install magnet mount Works in all.... Read More

Yagi 800-900 Mhz Cellular Antenna-301129

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This is a Yagi 800 Mhz directional antenna with 10dB gain. This is all weather aluminum antenna gives the best results when pointed in the direction of the cell tower of your provider. The mounting hardware is included in the antenna. Technical Specification Product Reference 301129 Number of Elements 5.... Read More

Marine Mount Antenna – 308430

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This marine kit is recommended for maritime purposes and ocean activities. Key Features Omni-Directional chrome plated and fiberglass shelled Standard 1 inch x 14 inch thread mount Technical Specifications Frequency: 806-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz Connectors: FME Female Material: Fiberglass Dimensions: 21 inches high Impedance: 50 ohms Mount: 1 inch.... Read More