This works with any cellular provider in US, 806-866 MHz / 896-939 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz frequency and works with T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint PCS, Alltel, Cricket, Metro PCS, US cellular, Tracfone, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Nextel and iDEN networks Key Features Easy to install magnet mount Works in all.... Read More

Yagi 800-900 Mhz Cellular Antenna-301129

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This is a Yagi 800 Mhz directional antenna with 10dB gain. This is all weather aluminum antenna gives the best results when pointed in the direction of the cell tower of your provider. The mounting hardware is included in the antenna. Technical Specification Product Reference 301129 Number of Elements 5.... Read More

Marine Mount Antenna – 308430

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This marine kit is recommended for maritime purposes and ocean activities. Key Features Omni-Directional chrome plated and fiberglass shelled Standard 1 inch x 14 inch thread mount Technical Specifications Frequency: 806-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz Connectors: FME Female Material: Fiberglass Dimensions: 21 inches high Impedance: 50 ohms Mount: 1 inch.... Read More

Yagi 1800-1990 Mhz PCS Antenna-301124

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Improves transmit and receive signals for 1850-1990 MHz band used by Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and all other PCS carriers and for more information on the network providers in your location click here Key Features 14dBi Gain Directional Antenna For Home/Office Installation Technical Specification Elements: 9 Frequency: 1800-1990 MHz Connectors: N.... Read More

These cables are the most recommended to connect Wilson amplifiers to antennas, since they reduce attenuation and causes the least signal loss. Key Features • For indoor / outdoor use • Connects amplifier to splitter, tap, inside or outside antennas • Attenuates signal less than 0.1 dB • N-Male / N-Male Connectors

Cell Phone Signal Booster Craze

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Lately a lot of consumers in the United States go crazy about cell phone signal boosters. How can this phenomenon be explained? What is so special about this little and very often inexpensive appliance that make thousands of people buy it? The explanation is actually very simple. In the US,.... Read More

Function Connects N-Female connector on Wilson 9913-equivalent cable to FME-Female connector on Wilson Mobile Wireless and Direct Connection amplifiers and any Wilson External Antenna Adapter Attenuates signal by 0.1 dB

Purpose Connects N-Female connector on Wilson 9913-equivalent cable to FME-Male connector on any Wilson Mobile Antenna Attenuates signal by 0.1 dB

Function Connects Direct Connection Amplifier directly to External Antenna Adapter Attenuates signal by 0.1 dB

Function Converts all Wilson mobile antennas to SMA-Male connector Attenuates signal by 0.1 dB