Surecall Yagi Antenna

This is a directional yagi antenna that can be used with any Surecall building amplifiers used in our 80055, 80059, 80069 kits. Overview 10 db gain directional antenna 2G, 3G, 4G capable Operates for Cellular, PCS, AWS and LTE frequencies Mounting brackets are included Specification Frequency 698-806/806-960/1710-2700MHz Input Impedance 50.... Read More

This pole will allow you to mount the external antenna outside the building. Specification U-Bracket assembly Wall mount bracket 10" x 1.5" diameter aluminum tube

If you want to split the cell phone signal into 3 ways, this 3 way splitter will do that for you with less then .4dB signal loss. Can be used for any band between 698-2700 Mhz, which is to say that this can be used on all carriers including AT&T,.... Read More

If you want to split a signal into two with minimal loss, in order to add an additional indoor antenna, this 2-way splitter will get the job done. Less then 1.5 dB loss Prevents interference Splits cellular, LTE and AWS frequencies Can also be used as a diplexers to combine.... Read More

This cell phone signal meter measures cellular frequency for all carriers including 4G, 3G and 2G. No more hassle to locate your tower or dealing with cell phone companies to find nearest cell phone tower. This also comes with a rubber antenna and cable to hook up to an antenna.... Read More

This is a non magnetic antenna for vehicles that enables you to drill a hole on the roof or truck. This requires drilling a hole but benefitial stronger antenna installation can be attained. Mostly used in public utility vehicles and other commercial uses. This antenna can be used with Wilson.... Read More

This is a Wilson dual band fiber glass antenna, with 5.12/6.12 dB gain omnidirectional antenna. This is an omnidirectional antenna that includes a 14" FME female connector, and a LMR -240 low loss cable will be recommended for low loss in signal.

These surge protectors are recommended for lightning prone areas to protect your booster system. The RG6 cable included will protect the amplifier from sudden surges. This is a 75 ohm surge protector used in our 75 Ohm booster systems Includes Surge Protector 2 ft RG6 grounding cable

This omni directional antenna can be used with 80059 systems or any of our 55 db gain systems.

This is Surecalls onmidirectional antenna compatible with : 4G booster kits, CM700, CM2100, CM2500 RV boosters (CM2000-WL-45dB) Accelerator kit ( CMAK-4G) SOHO boosters series (CM2000-W In building series CM2020, Force 5 Cable compatibility: N-male on both ends Specification 698 - 270Mhz 3-4 dB gain 2g, 3g & 4G frequency compatible.... Read More