Power Adapters

This pole will allow you to mount the external antenna outside the building. Specification U-Bracket assembly Wall mount bracket 10" x 1.5" diameter aluminum tube

Portable Battery Pack – 859984

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The Wilson sleek is one compact cell phone booster kit that was getting rave reviews from our customers. Now add to that a portable battery pack that allows you to not only use the sleek booster on car, but also while you are on your foot. The sleek battery pack.... Read More

Accessory Kit with AC power Supply – 859970

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This accessory kit allows you to use : Sleek cell phone booster or Verizon 4G LTE at home without removing the antenna from your vehicle and hence an absolute portable device. or Wilson Multi User Wireless And 12″ Antenna Kit – 801212 Kit Includes AC power supply Window bracket mount.... Read More

When your looking to use your vehicle booster in-side buildings with 120V AC supply, this adapter comes in handy. This 120V AC to 12v DC power adapter does the job for portability and versatility to use your in-vehicle amplifier as in-building amplifier. Compatible with the following: In-building amplifiers: 801101, 804002,.... Read More

PCS-CEL Antenna Combiner

This is used to add additional antenna to an existing kit you buy. If you are adding an extra antenna to your kit you need to have one of these to combine the extra antenna and it can be PCS antenna or CEL antenna .