Surge Protectors

These surge protectors are recommended for lightning prone areas to protect your booster system. The RG6 cable included will protect the amplifier from sudden surges. This is a 75 ohm surge protector used in our 75 Ohm booster systems Includes Surge Protector 2 ft RG6 grounding cable

The 859902 surge protector is added if you feel that your amplifier system needs the extra protection from unexpected surge's like lightning and other fluctuations. Can Be added with any of the Wilson Kits, such as: 841263 841262 841269 841265 841266 80076 80076T 800175 80075 Note: Each external antenna requires.... Read More

Protect your amplifier from lighting strikes and unexpected surges resulting from severe weather conditions. Can be used with any of the following kits: 80055 80059 80063 80062 Includes: Lightning Protector 2 ft connector cable