Surecall RV and Camper Kit | 80045

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This 45 dB dual band vehicle kit will keep you connected anywhere on the road during business or pleasure . This dual band kit comes with all you need to install a complete vehicle signal booster with outdoor fiberglass antenna, indoor antenna, a 45 dB amplifier and cables. No mater.... Read More

This latest professional grade Wilson 4G LTE booster system takes advantage of the fast data delivery on the 4G LTE network by Verizon. If you think your 4G data speed is not fast enough, its most likely a shielding problem that all fast networks like the 4G LTE suffer. The.... Read More

This is a multi-user wireless amplifier with 45 db gain and allows you to use your phone without any physical connection. The kit comes with a 12" magnet mount antenna that is easily portable between vehicles. Key Features This is Dual Band amplifier that works with all carriers T-mobile, AT&T,.... Read More

If you have t-Mobile as your service provider and want to upgrade to one of the following booster system: a) DB PRO Wide Area With Yagi Antenna b) DB PRO Wide Area With Omni Directional Antenna c) 65 dB DBPro with External Yagi and Internal Dome Antenna d) DB Pro.... Read More

This amplifier is 3G and 4G capable for At&T and Verizon network only .This amplifier is designed for large buildings and amplify signal for AWS and 4G LTE for both the two largest network in the nation. This AG Pro-Quint is a 75 dB gain system with a compact design.... Read More

Product Overview This home or car kit is suitable for one room or vehicle signal boost.If you are living in a dorm or hotel and need cell phone signal for both voice or laptop use, then this is for you. This unit is designed for portability and easy connectivity to.... Read More