Weboost Drive 4G-S | 470107

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The Weboost Drive 4G-S will keep you connected at 4G speed on your drives. Never mind the terrain you want to travel, the Drive 4G-S will keep you in communication all the time. This 4G model works on all networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and their respective 4G technologies.... Read More

Weboost Drive 4G-M | 470108

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This latest FCC approved unit for vehicles from Weboost is all you need on road. Works on 4G Verizon LTE, AT&T, T-Mobile AWS networks alike. If you spend a considerable amount of time on the road for business or pleasure, this unit can be your companion and keep you connected..... Read More

Weboost Home 3G | 473105

The Weboost home 3G booster kit is designed for boosting 3G voice and data signal inside residential buildings to cover 2,000 sq ft. This easy to install kit effectively extends existing cell service throughout the residence. Boosts 3G voice and data on all connected devices like smart phones, laptops and.... Read More

Weboost Home 4G | 470101

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This Weboost home 4G booster kit is suited for boosting 3G and 4G coverage for homes 2,000 sq ft area. This kit comes with a desktop antenna that is easy to set up and works for 3G voice and 4G data on all your cellular connected devices like tablets and laptops. Kit.... Read More

After the success from its AG Pro lineup in 3G speeds, Weboost wanted to replicate the same in the 4G division and has come out with this AG pro Quint unit. Now, this booster system can boost signal for all carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The gamut of frequency.... Read More

This kit is for home or office that requires split antenna to cover two separate areas. The DBPro is a 65 db gain amplifier system with a sensitive external Yagi antenna to capture the weakest signal from the cell phone tower. The 65 dB amplifier can boost your signal powerful.... Read More

Formerly 801201, is now the FCC approved mobile 3G 461102 with 50 dB gain is your perfect on road booster system. This kit is an ideal solution for trucks, RV, Semi, Ambulance or even boat. Like most other Wilson amplifier, this amplifier boosts signal for all carriers and works with.... Read More

Weboost Connect 3G-Yagi | 472205

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This 65 dB gain "Weboost Connect 3G-Yagi" kit increases the signal strength on all Cellular and PCS band width. The outdoor Yagi antenna in this kit does an excellent job capturing the weakest cell signal and transmitting it to the amplifier. The award winning DB Pro Weboost amplifier does the.... Read More