This FLEXPRO 72dB gain dual band (850 & 1900 Mhz) cell phone signal booster is designed to eliminate dead zones and improve indoor cell phone reception in homes or offices. This system boosts cell signal on all carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, Sprint PCS, and others. The external omnidirectional.... Read More

Surecall RV and Camper Kit | 80045

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This 45 dB dual band vehicle kit will keep you connected anywhere on the road during business or pleasure . This dual band kit comes with all you need to install a complete vehicle signal booster with outdoor fiberglass antenna, indoor antenna, a 45 dB amplifier and cables. No mater.... Read More

This kit is an upgrade to zBoost flagship product YX545 with a 77 dB gain amplifier and a stamp of approval from FCC. An upgraded omnidirectional antenna for outdoor and an equally stronger broadcast antenna on the inside takes the indoor signal from 1 to 5 bars easily. This booster.... Read More

This award winning Force-5 amplifier system has a 72dB gain amplifier at its heart and fitted with 2 indoor antennas suitable for locations that have an office in front and warehouse in the back. We recommend this system for large multilevel or split buildings to eliminate dead zones and expand cell.... Read More

Weboost Connect 3G-omni

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This 65dB gain Weboost connect 3G omni kit improves 3G signal strength on all cellular networks. This kit is suitable for small homes or offices that have 2-3 bars of signal strength on the outside. This kit is suitable to expand signal coverage inside every nook and corner of such.... Read More

FlexPro 3G With Yagi

This booster system boosts 3G cell phone signal inside buildings for up to 5,000 Sq ft. The wide band Yagi antenna works great where the cell phone reception is spotty and using its multiple dipole design, the yagi antenna captures the weakest of signal and the 72dB gain amplifier makes.... Read More

This 5 band booster system works for Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T networks that delivers 2G, 3G and 4G LTE/AWS. If 4G data speed is your priority, this kit will deliver the fastest speed you can possibly access. The effective coverage area system is 20,000 sq ft coverage inside metal, steel,.... Read More

This pole will allow you to mount the external antenna outside the building. Specification U-Bracket assembly Wall mount bracket 10" x 1.5" diameter aluminum tube

If you want to split the cell phone signal into 3 ways, this 3 way splitter will do that for you with less then .4dB signal loss. Can be used for any band between 698-2700 Mhz, which is to say that this can be used on all carriers including AT&T,.... Read More

If you want to split a signal into two with minimal loss, in order to add an additional indoor antenna, this 2-way splitter will get the job done. Less then 1.5 dB loss Prevents interference Splits cellular, LTE and AWS frequencies Can also be used as a diplexers to combine.... Read More