This cell phone signal meter measures cellular frequency for all carriers including 4G, 3G and 2G. No more hassle to locate your tower or dealing with cell phone companies to find nearest cell phone tower. This also comes with a rubber antenna and cable to hook up to an antenna.... Read More

This vehicle kit is put together for extreme reception requirements under rugged conditions. What makes this kit ultimate is that the antenna is in itself raised on a 20 inch fiber glass mast to reach above any kind of obstructions. The system is tri-band compatible, works with all carriers and.... Read More

If you have 4G data service with T-Mobile, this is the kit for you. The 4G data speed is suitable to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hot spot for use with other devices. Key Features 62 db gain amplifier with 3 watt max output power with auto gain adjustment.... Read More

If you have t-Mobile as your service provider and want to upgrade to one of the following booster system: a) DB PRO Wide Area With Yagi Antenna b) DB PRO Wide Area With Omni Directional Antenna c) 65 dB DBPro with External Yagi and Internal Dome Antenna d) DB Pro.... Read More

This amplifier is 3G and 4G capable for At&T and Verizon network only .This amplifier is designed for large buildings and amplify signal for AWS and 4G LTE for both the two largest network in the nation. This AG Pro-Quint is a 75 dB gain system with a compact design.... Read More

This is a non magnetic antenna for vehicles that enables you to drill a hole on the roof or truck. This requires drilling a hole but benefitial stronger antenna installation can be attained. Mostly used in public utility vehicles and other commercial uses. This antenna can be used with Wilson.... Read More

This is a data- blast signal booster for 4G data speed on Verizon and T-Mobile network only. This covers an indoor area of up to 2,500 Sq ft and supports multiple cell phones simultaneously. Note: This system works for 4G only and not for 2G, 3G or anything below that.... Read More

Product Overview This home or car kit is suitable for one room or vehicle signal boost.If you are living in a dorm or hotel and need cell phone signal for both voice or laptop use, then this is for you. This unit is designed for portability and easy connectivity to.... Read More

These surge protectors are recommended for lightning prone areas to protect your booster system. The RG6 cable included will protect the amplifier from sudden surges. This is a 75 ohm surge protector used in our 75 Ohm booster systems Includes Surge Protector 2 ft RG6 grounding cable

This omni directional antenna can be used with 80059 systems or any of our 55 db gain systems.