3G or 4G Booster System?

When it comes to choosing between a 3G booster system or 4G booster system, a few factors needs to be taken into consideration. Firstly, Do you have 4G service ? Although it sounds very obvious, this can be tricky decision. 4G is definitely faster then 3G and 2G speed, but.... Read More

Not so long ago, PC makers created the megahertz myth. They wanted people to believe that clock speed of the processor was responsible for the responsiveness of the system, whereas the design of the system is as much important as the clock speed. We have fallen to another myth in.... Read More

We are in the cusp of making the transition from 3rd generation speed to 4th generation speed in the mobile industry. Users are forced to make a decision as to which type of phone or amplifier system to choose from because they are not sure if the 4G has made.... Read More