Cell Phone and Radiation Effect

You are in search of a new job and you’re talking to an interviewer in mobile, suddenly the call gets disconnected and this makes you lose a golden opportunity just because of your interrupted network. Just in this case you should switch from one network to another but still the.... Read More

Directional Antenna Polarization Demystified

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Understanding Antenna Polarization Cell phone signal boosters have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a solution to areas that have weak or no cellular signal. However, there are still many questions surrounding the proper installation and mounting of cell phone antennas both inside and outside a building. In this.... Read More

This debate about whether cell phone signal is harmful for human use is something that touches every parent and it is a sensitive issue for us. We want to protect our loved ones; especially our children and we take all measures to keep them safe. We can most certainly keep.... Read More

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New report on CNN that got published recently draws evidence to cell phone usage and possibility of brain tumor. Now the recent report is not something that is already out their in the public domain. This report just draws in more diverse voices stringing in more results. The study claims.... Read More

We often get asked on what is the difference between uni-directional and bi-directional antennas. Antennas in general are both uni-directional and bi-directional meaning that they can both receive and transmit signals. A particular type of antenna design can influence the pattern in which the antenna communicates. Omni Directional Antenna The.... Read More

One question we often get from new customers is what is a Yagi antenna and if they must get a Yagi antenna instead of an omnidirectional antenna? Simply put, a Yagi antenna is nothing more a the old school TV antenna, but configured for cell phone frequencies. Similar to TV.... Read More

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