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Are you tired of dealing with dropped calls and poor cell phone signal in your premises? We've got the inside scoop on how AT&T attempted to address this issue with their micro cell solution and why it's time to consider better alternatives for reliable connectivity. Discover how you can say.... Read More

If someone told you that cell phone signal boosters are not only good for improving cell phone signal, but can also reduce green house gas? You would be like What in the world are you talking about?. Here is the reasoning behind it, We all know that cell phones work.... Read More

The mobile staff has got to be able to entry information wherever, as they are no longer tied to the average place of business. Firms have begun to comprehend this and they already provide their workers with laptops, smartphones, and tablets– or enable their staff to use their own private.... Read More

Project Airgig unveiled by AT&T, is a transformative technology that could use power lines to provide one day deliver low-cost, multi-gigabit wireless internet speeds. This is considered as an easier technology for deployment compared to fiber optic technology. This can deliver ultra-fast connectivity through wireless medium over a license free.... Read More

Today’s world move around tech-savvy environment and must have consistent connectivity with so called financial responsibility. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) can help to boost the cellular connectivity in a commercial setup, and choosing passive DAS (another name for cell signal booster systems) can save time and money while providing enhanced.... Read More

Really tired of dropped calls and poor voice quality? Poor cell phone signal also disturbs seamless messaging, email, internet speed to mention a few. Here comes a solution to get rid of this issue. Following these seven magic tricks will help us overcome cell phone signal issues. Clearing out obstruction:.... Read More

Where does a barber go, when he needs an hair cut? It was a similar situation when it came to NASA looking to boost its cell phone signal inside one of its facility at Goddard Space Flight Center, they turned to Surecall for its solution. The NASA pushes boundaries on.... Read More

The cell phone boosters are seeing a renewed focus and appears to have gained the critical mass that any new solution gets introduced in the market. There are a few good reason for this attention that the cell phone boosters have garnered in the recent months. FCC getting involved and.... Read More

The world today is known to be as the easy communication world, today we can’t think our life without cell phones and this is hard truth. In starting of 1990s, no one had wondered that by 2015 people will be able to transfer information throughout world by couple of clicks.... Read More

Your car is no longer a vehicle of transportation any more, it is the place where work gets done! A Bloomberg news report says that we spend more time starring at the phone then we do at Television. Our time spent on phone is taking precedence then most other activities.... Read More