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If you own a Force5 80db system, then the following important information is regarding the uplink power of this booster. In industrial Force5 (SC-PolyI-80) or legacy Force-5 (CM5000-80) boosters the uplink is the cellular signal going to the cell tower. Carrier towers are finely tuned to be able to pick.... Read More

How Boosters Work?

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The main reason for not able to get good reception inside home or office is that because of the following 2 main reasons: a) Your home or office building is located far away or hidden from receiving the cell signal because you are surrounded by obstructions both natural and man.... Read More

The recent announcement of Comcast proposing to buyout Time Warner has sparked some serious debate in the industry, why? Price increase on the consumer is the reason that is so obvious that even the FCC is thinking very hard to make sure the merger is not going to hurt customers.... Read More

One popular question we get asked here a lot from our callers is, if the cell phone booster system works for data speed. The simple answer is, yes ! the data signal is what enables you to browse the internet on your cell phone. The better the cell phone signal,.... Read More

Power Output and Signal Strength explained

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One usual question we get at our technical support center is what is dB? and as conventional wisdom prevails the more dB means more power and hence larger the area being covered. This school of thought is only true to a certain extent, because a signal gets amplified for strength.... Read More

A lot of times our customers are puzzled what a db gain means when we say, 55 dB gain system or 65 dB gain system. dB stands for decibels and it is a unit of measurement of signal amplification. Like how distance is measured in feet or meter, signals strength.... Read More

Home automation! One of the ultimate ideas that have been more of a fiction then reality for the longest time. The idea of an automated home did not stem from futuristic minded sophisticated thinkers. It is something that even a commoner with simple means made sense out of. Being able.... Read More

Facebook has gone IPO although not without some glitch , never-the less the biggest IPO of this generation has been let out of the bag. The big question is, now what? The much awaited initial public offering sure did add a few more milliners and a handful of billionaires to.... Read More

We all know that radio active radiation is not good news. Lately their has been links suggesting that radio frequency radiation has very similar properties like the radio active sub particles . The alpha, beta or gamma particles all share the similar properties as that is found radio active and.... Read More

What is a Femto cell? Well Femto cells have been in the market for quite some time. If you called your cell phone provider and complained about poor cell phone reception, they will send you one after much deliberation, why? Because it really does not or will not provide you.... Read More