Cell Phone Booster News

The latest app for ipad is onlive desktop a revolutionary idea that was not only envisioned but implemented! For $4.99 a month you could have the fastest web browsing and windows experience. The onlive desktop unleashes the potential of cloud computing and the possibilities are yet to be realized. This.... Read More

AG Pro installer booster: Product News The AG Pro installer booster can now be ordered from our online store. This is a dual band Wireless dual band signal booster which is designed for professional installation in large building and offices. This device is pretty amazing because of the features it.... Read More

The Verizon 4G LTE works great with data when it works! With the apps that you can turn any 4G phone into a hot spot and tether your laptop, touch pad, slate or any device that requires a Wi-Fi. However the problem is that 4G signal is not implemented though.... Read More

4G is the term used to describe the latest generation of data speed in the telecommunication industry. The term 4G speed has the potential to deliver an UP speed of 100Mbps and DOWN of 1Gbps, although the current level is 5Mbps that is practical. That is your average speed that.... Read More

Cellphone-Mate have announced their entire new cell phone booster i.e. SureCall® CM700A 70dB amplifier, which have been approved by FCC. It is the first cell phone booster for 4G LTE of cellphone-mate which have been approved by FCC and it is basically made for AT&T network. On other side AT&T.... Read More

AT&T Acquiring T-Mobile

Big news trending in US these days is the merger of T-Mobile by AT&T. On Monday AT&T confirmed that they will use new AWS spectrum which was gained by them by acquiring T-Mobile, AT&T confirmed that they will use this AWS spectrum for their 4G LTE network. AT&T have acquired.... Read More

Now, you must have asked this question to yourself several times before you went online looking for answers. The good news is that you can not only improve the cell phone signal for voice, but also improve the data speed for faster text and web browsing. More and more the.... Read More

Poorly designed cell phone booster systems have created issues for consumers and carriers like wide. A poorly designed system is the one that does not take the necessary filters into consideration. Amplifiers are basically enhancing the signal in a particular band width and broadcasting that enhanced signal. A bad design.... Read More

Skype has become one of the most popular application when it comes to making calls over the internet. It is so popular that the act of calling someone over internet is now referred as SKYPE . Skype has a huge user base and most of them are now using the.... Read More

One of our most popular line of cell phone booster the zBoost YX510 will not be available anymore. We are upgrading the YX510 to a more powerful YX545, a 60dB amplifier instead of the previous 55dB. The design of the YX545 is sleeker and lighter then the previous YX510 models.[caption.... Read More