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The main difference between a amplifier and repeater or a complete system is one question we get asked quite often. Simply put unless you are not technically savvy, we would recommend you to choose from one of complete systems on our website. Mainly for the reasons that when we configure.... Read More

Wi-Ex is one of the major cell phone booster manufacturing company in the United States. They are extremely popular among mid to medium sized home owners for two reasons. One, their flagship product zBoost 510 is a low cost solution that works very well in most locations and most carriers..... Read More

Cell Phone users all over have one problem in common and most of them are bewildered for the same reason. The reason being how come they have trouble with voice and data connection inside the building while most of them have close to full 5 bars outside the building. And.... Read More

The release of the iphone 4 created quite a buzz in creating an excitement as well as a sense of disappointment. Needless to say the iphone 4 looks beautiful and the potential the phone offers is very exciting. Video conferencing is finally here, at least theoretically. The reason I say.... Read More

The not so much anticipated iPhone 4G was announced by the male version of technology Martha Stewart today. Steve Jobs particularly seemed in good spirits and that is a good news for investors. He was very upbeat about the new iphone 4G. New features: 5 mega pixel camera with a.... Read More

Their seems to be still a lot of talk about how does the cell phone boosters work or they actually work? The Myth: Cell phone signal boosters create cell phone signal No, cell phone boosters do not create signal at all, they only take a weak signal and amplify that.... Read More

One question we often get from new customers is what is a Yagi antenna and if they must get a Yagi antenna instead of an omnidirectional antenna? Simply put, a Yagi antenna is nothing more a the old school TV antenna, but configured for cell phone frequencies. Similar to TV.... Read More

Why do you experience poor cell phone reception in cities and rural areas, when conventional wisdom suggests that at least the buildings cities must be properly covered. Even though the reasoning may be different, the result is the same. In cities we have more call traffic then in rural locations..... Read More

We face many problems while using cell phones while traveling such as distortion, no network coverage, not responding etc and they make us to curse the moment we bought the cell phone. Due to the low signal strength we are also not able to attend our important calls and most.... Read More

A few of the major cell phone carriers are once again trying to gobble down the cell phone amplifier market. This time they are trying to influence the FCC to make that happen. The major carriers in US have approached the FCC to make it illegal for independent manufacturers to.... Read More