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It is common that every one of us would have undergone a situation of choosing a new and a better cell service provider. If you have faced it is nothing but a daunting task. Many advertising postings! Many more of breath taking offers! And many unlimited data plans! It is.... Read More

Experts say that it’s clearly illegal and potentially dangerous to use those spiffy gadgets that can jam cell phone signals. A few years back Google has lightened up the internet with people searching for them. You can thank a guy in Philadelphia who got fed up with folks yakking during.... Read More

Directional Antenna Polarization Demystified

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A lot of our customers have questions when it comes to mounting antennas both inside and outside the building. The cell phone booster system works beautifully when the 3 components (amplifier, donor antenna, receiver antenna) all work in harmony. To understand this principle , lets talk about antenna polarization first..... Read More

Guess what is the most energy consuming apparatus in your home ? You guess it right, its your HVAC system or any other devices that you might have to heat and cool. It is the single most energy guzzling system in residential buildings. Why, because we don't live in vacuum.... Read More

Net neutrality is first of all a very misleading name for starters. The name suggests that its about keeping the internet neutral, meaning that the internet is equal for all. But, in reality its about giving the cable companies that provide internet for every household the power to dissect the.... Read More

Apple launched iPhone 5 few weeks back with too many new features and this is showing that how mobile technology has improved in just past few months. Important fact is that Apple is not only single company introducing new technology in mobile sector but companies like Samsung, HTC or Nokia.... Read More

It was announced by Wi-Ex, which is a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters, that the fourth annual WIRED Business conference named as Disruptive by design will use zBoost signal boosters to give better signal reception to the 400 thought leaders present in the ceremony. They.... Read More

4g data has made way to a whole range of devices to go wireless and a cell phone booster system get them to hyper speed! First off, a little introduction to how to make your own portable wireless modem. The things you need: a) smart phone running Android OS, Apple.... Read More

The one network that has been not tarnished for bad reception as much as the others in the network provider field is Verizon. That is mainly attributed to the technology that this network operates on, i.e Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA . This technology like most of telecommunication technology.... Read More

The industry as a whole is moving away from single band signal boosters namely the 1900 Mhz and 850 Mhz signal boosters, mainly for a few notable reasons. 1) Signal Band signal Boosters are prone to error from both the consumer and the network provider. The consumer can mistake the.... Read More