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The brand new 12 months kicked off all over again with the consumer Electronics Show, in which more than 200,000 attendees descended on Las Vegas to walk through 2.5 million square feet of-of trade show space among eight places. Notably, absent this 12 months were any huge bulletins, but that.... Read More

An amazing and fantastic solution to relentless wifi addiction is finally been discovered. You can buy a wifi range extender for your laptop, like the TP-Link N300 Wifi Antenna. This ingenious little piece of computer equipment like really rocks. It increases the laptop’s WiFi signal strength 3 to 5 times..... Read More

4G LTE is not as important as you might think

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4G LTE coverage is the marketing mantra in today's race for capturing the most customers for the cell phone networks now-a-days. Although 4G LTE is one crucial metric to decide when looking to choose between one carrier or the other, that metric is not the most important metric to go.... Read More