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5g networks have been in the making for a long time now and in the past 3 years that works has been put in to make your 5g dream come true with blazing fast downloads and insane virtual reality functionality. This video posted on you tube is the one of.... Read More

5G is coming and it is coming fast! While the rest of the world and the US is expecting it to be the catalyst for economic and technological expansion going in tot he 21st century some are raising caution and even alarm about what this technology can do. Their main.... Read More

This new video of Tesla going into showing that we will be driving autonomous cars with a video that is posted on Interesting Engineering seems to suggest that the cars are almost there and we will all be taking care of all other business while driving in the car except.... Read More

Are you tired of dealing with dropped calls and poor cell phone signal in your premises? We've got the inside scoop on how AT&T attempted to address this issue with their micro cell solution and why it's time to consider better alternatives for reliable connectivity. Discover how you can say.... Read More

Well whether you like it or not, 5g is here and it is here to stay. Verizon is launching the 5g on moto z3 with its clip on mod a magnetic attachment that will enable 5g speeds when attached to the phone. Verizon is heavily investing on this technology and.... Read More

If you think just by installing a cell phone signal booster your signal issues are going to go away, yes you are correct! However using a proven strategy could make that result reach even further and get the most value out of your investment. What do I mean by that,.... Read More

The cell phone signal booster will definitely improve the way you have been using your cell phone by vastly increasing its ability to connect and communicate with the cell phone tower. However the caveat is that you do the installation properly. What do we mean by that : Secure Connection.... Read More

Force8 for 5G By Surecall

The first bidirectional cell phone signal booster for 5G network is out! Surecall leads the cell phone signal booster market by a mile apart from its competition. This cell phone signal booster is geared for industrial application and the residential 5G signal boosters should be in the works from the.... Read More

5G networks are already in the deployment phase and although they were expected to be earlier, later then never. China is making moves to get ahead in the 5G race because the 5G will set the stage for the next leg in the prosperity in the economy. Economy is simply.... Read More

Many in the automation industry are under the impression that the reason we do not have auto pilot cars is due to the delay in deployment of 5G. The truth of the matter is that the necessary connectivity that today's driver less cars require are already available through 4g technology.The.... Read More