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Well for starters the deal has not gone through as of now and if it does it would be a win for cell phone users. The main contentious point in this deal is that if the deal goes through then the content maker and the deliverer are the same company..... Read More

When we went camping this past weekend to the Horse Park for a few days it was quite a change we all needed after a long and harsh winter here in Kentucky. The campground was well kept and the campground store was well stocked with all essentials for both primitive.... Read More

Obviously you love to travel and enjoy nature and that is why you got that camper. With all that time spent being on the road to get to some place that is going to make you get closer to the great outdoors can also make you loose contact with the.... Read More

You are in search of a new job and you’re talking to an interviewer in mobile, suddenly the call gets disconnected and this makes you lose a golden opportunity just because of your interrupted network. Just in this case you should switch from one network to another but still the.... Read More

Directional Antenna Polarization Demystified

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A lot of our customers have questions when it comes to mounting antennas both inside and outside the building. The cell phone booster system works beautifully when the 3 components (amplifier, donor antenna, receiver antenna) all work in harmony. To understand this principle , lets talk about antenna polarization first..... Read More

Many people are familiar with the experience of climbing inside an elevator and dropping a mobile phone call within a few seconds. Heading into the basement can cause a similar problem. If the radio waves that create the mobile phone signal can pass through almost any surface, why is signal.... Read More

Let’s commence with a story that’s withal an analogy for this article. It’s 1996. The first public broadcast of HDTV has arrived. The rumblings commence. “HDTV is peregrinated! Long live the next generation. Verbalize goodbye to your old analog boxy TVs.” Seven years later in 2003, HD (high definition) conclusively.... Read More

One has to wonder why a cell phone signal booster is even necessary when you are already signed up with a carrier and pay a monthly bill to get cell phone signal. Shouldn't it be the job of the carrier company to make sure you get the best reception and.... Read More

A recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life project revealed that 72% of Americans experience dropped calls and 32% experience dropped calls at least a few times per week or more. Like it or not, dropped calls are still a major problem for a large number of people,.... Read More

The mobile staff has got to be able to entry information wherever, as they are no longer tied to the average place of business. Firms have begun to comprehend this and they already provide their workers with laptops, smartphones, and tablets– or enable their staff to use their own private.... Read More