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iBwave Solutions is a telecom radio planning software provider that develops solutions for the in-building wireless industry. iBwave is best known for its software iBwave Design, mostly used by telecom operators, system integrator and equipment vendors. iBwave was born in 2003 in Toronto of a need to simplify in-building wireless.... Read More

Speedtest has now become the most trustworthy and popular means to measure internet performance. Speedtest is helping customers to test and check their connection speeds at any time from any device. Speedtest is genuine as they are always based on actual internet speeds which millions of population in the world.... Read More

What do we know about Signal Blackspot?

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A phone reception or coverage blackspot is generally defined as a geographic area that experiences reduced mobile phone signal due to factors other than being too far from a cell tower. Blackspots have a similar impact as being too far from a cell tower and are typically linked with symptoms.... Read More

These days we take our cell phones and our cell coverage for granted. But it’s high time we realize that they are a very important part of our lives which is why a weak signal can be so disruptive to our business and personal lives. There are times when we.... Read More

The key target of a cell phone signal booster is to transmute an existing cell signal that is found outside our house or workplace, amplify the signal and then broadcast it to an area which has a weak or may be no signal. A typical cell phone signal booster system.... Read More

To all the iPhone users out there!! This pristine breathtaking app is designed exclusively for you! Gboard is a new keyboard from Google for your iPhone. It has all the things that one would expect from a great keyboard - GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing - plus Google Search built.... Read More

Force5™ | 3G - 4G Five-Band Adjustable Cell Phone Booster Kits are designed primely for Large Buildings up to 25,000 sq ft. SureCall’s Force5 is a self-contained, five-band, cellular signal booster. The Force5 is an alternative solution to a DAS system at a small fraction of the cost. Modular in.... Read More

The SureCall Fusion-5 (CM-Fusion-5) is the first five-band signal booster that was designed as a cost-effective all-in-one cellular solution for mid-sized to small businesses. It combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands with LTE and AWS frequencies for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile as a total cellular amplification solution. For maximum flexibility, this.... Read More

Using a lightning surge protector in most cases is always recommended, particularly if the kit is going be installed in an area with frequent lightning. The lightning surge protector should be installed in line with the cable and near the amplifier, and should be properly grounded. The outside antenna is.... Read More

The SureCall Fusion5 kit is a Voice/3G/4G LTE signal booster system that is specially designed for small businesses, professionals and large home applications. The Fusion5 is built in such a way that it combines PCS and Cellular dual bands with both LTE and 4G AWS frequencies for Verizon, AT&T and.... Read More