Installing Yagi Antenna

Installing a yagi directional antenna is pretty straight forward then most think, and very similar to installing TV antenna from the past. This task requires two person, one on the roof and one person with a phone inside the building. The person inside the building is going to measure the signal strength as it appears on a given phone. You can either have the phone on test mode or simple bar mode. To put the phone in test mode, please refer to our Test Mode Guide.

Step 1
The person on the roof starts with some arbitrary direction and rotates the antenna 45 degrees at a time, while the person inside the building watches the signal strength change inside the building. Please give 10 to 30 seconds before the actual signal strength gets picked by the phone after each change in the direction.

Step 2
Pick a location that gives you the best reception by looking at the bar’s as it appears on the phone or if you are using the Test mode, pick the location that reads closer to zero. The signal strength is measured in -ve numbers. For eg -90 =1 bar and -50 = 5 bars , your objective here is to get the number that is closer to Zero. Refer to the chart below: