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This Cel-Fi DUO boosts 3g, 4g and LTE signal for T-Mobile and the best part about this is the simplicity of installation, which there is none. Simply open the box, place the receiving and broadcast units in two opposite corners of the building and watch your bars raise. Overview Simple.... Read More

This Cel-Fi completely digital cell phone signal booster is a great solution for home or office where outdoor antenna installation is not an option. The receiver and broadcast units operate completely wireless to communicate with the cell phone and the cell tower. Overview Covers an area up to of 13,000.... Read More

FCC Guidelines

A signal booster can withhold a potential to increase the wireless coverage to those areas with poor signals. They can be used in a home or in a car to improve the signal strength for cell phones. By proper installation, booster’s helps consumers, public safety first responders, and wireless service.... Read More

Where does a barber go, when he needs an hair cut? It was a similar situation when it came to NASA looking to boost its cell phone signal inside one of its facility at Goddard Space Flight Center, they turned to Surecall for its solution. The NASA pushes boundaries on.... Read More


1) How does your system increase cell phone signal ? 2) Will this system work for my particular carrier ? 3) Will a cell phone booster boost signal for datacard ? 4) What if this system does not work for me ? 5) Should I get permission from my carrier.... Read More

The cell phone boosters are seeing a renewed focus and appears to have gained the critical mass that any new solution gets introduced in the market. There are a few good reason for this attention that the cell phone boosters have garnered in the recent months. FCC getting involved and.... Read More