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Cel-Fi Go For Verizon

The Cel-Fi go is the most powerful signal booster in the market as of right now among all cell phone signal booster sold. The unique digital technology allows the CEL-Fi signal booster to boost cell phone signals to be boosted upto 100db gain, beyond what is allowed by the FCC.... Read More

The cel-fi signal booster stands out of all the signal boosters that are available in the market. The cel-fi signal booster is one of a kind signal booster in the aspect of how it boosts signal. Cel-fi is the first to market all digital processing signal booster that is not.... Read More

The new CEL-Fi QUATRA is an Active DAS hybrid that is aimed at solving cellular signal problems inside large buildings using digital technology. This system is configured to cover 50,000 sq feet! Features 100dB is the max gain making this Quatra4000 the most powerful system in the market for Verizon,.... Read More


This Cel-Fi DUO boosts 3g, 4g and LTE signal for T-Mobile and the best part about this is the simplicity of installation, which there is none. Simply open the box, place the receiving and broadcast units in two opposite corners of the building and watch your bars raise. Overview Simple.... Read More

This Cel-Fi completely digital cell phone signal booster is a great solution for home or office where outdoor antenna installation is not an option. The receiver and broadcast units operate completely wireless to communicate with the cell phone and the cell tower. Overview Covers an area up to of 13,000.... Read More

Introduction: In a world heavily reliant on mobile communication, dealing with poor cell phone signal reception can be incredibly frustrating. However, I recently discovered a solution that has transformed my connectivity experience - cell phone signal boosters. After thorough research and testing, I am excited to share my insights on.... Read More

Picking the best cell phone booster depends on a few factors: size of the home, quality of the signal outside of your house, the number of walls inside your house, the price you want to spend, how many carriers you want to use, and how satisfied you are with the.... Read More

Where does a barber go, when he needs an hair cut? It was a similar situation when it came to NASA looking to boost its cell phone signal inside one of its facility at Goddard Space Flight Center, they turned to Surecall for its solution. The NASA pushes boundaries on.... Read More

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to improve your cell phone signal?  If so, you’re not alone. Many people have been asking themselves this question for years now. Luckily, we can help! We know how frustrating it is when your calls cut out or get dropped completely..... Read More