Guide to selecting the right cell phone signal booster for your application

Quick 101 on Cell Phone Boosters

All our kits consists of an outdoor antenna, indoor antenna and an amplifier

What outdoor antenna is right for you?

Yagi Antenna
yagi-iconThe outdoor antenna can either be a directional Yagi antenna or an omni-directional Omni antenna. The directional Yagi antenna is most sensitive in one direction and typically adds 9db – 11db gain, so this antenna effectively adds signal strength and is recommended for locations that receive very weak signal of less then 2 bars. Another scenario this antenna comes handy is when you have 2 carriers in an household and just want to boost cell phone signal for just 1 carrier, then this antenna is recommended.

Omni Directional Antenna

omni-iconAn Omnidirectional antenna can pick signal all around 360° and typically adds 3db – 5db gain on all carriers. This antenna is recommended in locations that receive a decent 3 or more bars outside and suited for boosting cell phone signal strength on all carriers.

What indoor antenna is right for you?

Dome Antenna

a) dome-iconThe ceiling mount dome antenna is suited if you plan to mount the indoor antenna centrally on the ceiling and suited for broadcasting signal all around. Please keep in mind that these antennas are not as powerful as the panel antennas and more suited for homes and small offices.

Panel Antenna

zboost yx027 -panel antenna

b) The wall mount panel antenna broadcasts signal in a face forward direction and recommended for buildings that are long and signal needs to travel horizontally or left to right. It will only broadcast signal in one direction facing forward. This type of antenna is suited for industrial and commercial applications.

What about the power supply

The only component that requires power is the amplifier and the rest of the components runs off that power source. All building amplifiers comes with a AC power supply and DC power supply for vehicles systems.

Will the booster system boost data signal ?
Yes, by increasing the signal strength for voice, our kits also improve the data bandwidth for faster internet.

Our building is metal and brick, will this system work for us?
Metal buildings are notorious for poor signal, because metal blocks cell phone signal from entering the building. However once the signal is inside the metal or brick building, that signal is in a sense trapped inside the building and provide excellent coverage. Our booster systems capture the cell phone signal via powerful antennas and bring it into the building by coax cables and broadcast a stronger signal with broadcast antennas.