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Product Description

The Cel-Fi go is the most powerful signal booster in the market as of right now among all cell phone signal booster sold. The unique digital technology allows the CEL-Fi signal booster to boost cell phone signals to be boosted upto 100db gain, beyond what is allowed by the FCC for other manufacturers that does not have this technology.

Key Features

  • The 100dB gain makes this 30db more gain then any other signal booster in the market
  • This signal booster has the most gain of any other booster makes it the best signal booster for homes that have the least amount of signal to work with
  • Because of its unique digital technology this signal booster is not restricted by the FCC on the gain like others
  • Installed inside homes, office buildings, retail, warehouse, hospitals that has the most modern looks and technology to go with that look!
  • NEMA 4 weather resistant housing for exterior installation
  • The Cel-Fi mobile app lets you do most of the fine tuning and can be customized for your unique requirements of how much you want to boost the signal. The reason being, when the signal gets boosted too high, it can cause interference

What is Included

  • Cel-Fi Go X Amplifier
  • Power Supply (15 Volt, 1.5 Amp)
  • 1 Outdoor Wideband antenna
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2x RSRF 30 foot RS400 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable with N-Male Connectors



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