Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000, 4 Coverage Unit

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Product Description

The new CEL-Fi QUATRA is an Active DAS hybrid that is aimed at solving cellular signal problems inside large buildings using digital technology. This system is configured to cover 50,000 sq feet!


  • 100dB is the max gain making this Quatra4000 the most powerful system in the market for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint
  • This QUATRA4000 system is the first all digital solution that is both cost effective allows for such high gain without interfering with the cellular networks
  • Pre-approved and certified by all 4 major US networks to install
  • CAT5e cable is a game changer with very low to no signal loss
  • This cell phone signal solution is an hybrid of an active DAS digital solution
  • The most value per dollar return on investment
  • This QUATRA is managed by the proprietary WAVE platform with the sole purpose of insulating the carrier from any noise or disturbance introduced by this signal boosting system. This is achieved by UPLINK power control, Echo cancellation and feedback control, Uplink muting when handsets are not detected
  • The WAVE platform also uses Webinject as a security protocol to keep the networked solution safe


Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit (NU):

Cel-Fi QUATRA4000 Network Unit (NU) is the hub of the system. The scalable design works with one to four Coverage Units to provide up to 50,000 square feet of coverage.

  • Provides donor signal to the Cel-Fi QUATRA system
  • Provides power to Coverage Units (up to four)
  • Connects to the Cel-Fi WAVE Platform for remote monitoring and management
  • QUATRA 1000 version designed for Single Carrier MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
  • QUATRA 2000 version designed for Dual Carrier
  • Multiple QUATRA 1000 and 2000 units can be deployed for Single, Dual, and Multi-Carrier Solutions

Cel-Fi QUATRA Coverage Unit (CU)

Cel-Fi QUATRA4000 Coverage Unit (CU) is the remote unit of the system that rebroadcasts the donor signal. The cost efficient and easy-to-deploy system leverages Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) to broadcast amplified signal and the digital mode of the signal allows for efficient signal transfer without any signal loss that is commonly seen in conventional copper cables.

Provides coverage in the Cel-Fi QUATRA system (up to four per Network Unit)
Power delivered by Power-Over-Ethernet from the Network Unit which is Self-configuring and self-optimizing adds to the ease of install


Cel-Fi MIMO Panel Antenna : Cel-FI integrates the Cel-Fi MIMO pane antenna with the Cel-Fi WAVE platform to digitally configure the antenna strengths which takes the guess work out of getting the most signal at a given location. The antenna connects to any MIMO-enabled Network unit that digitally amplifies the signal and sends it to the coverage unit that broadcast the amplified signal.

Cel-Fi Omni antenna : When a system is configured for multiple units using a QUATRA 4000, omni directional antennas come into play.


AllTell2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
AT & T2G Voice3G Data3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
Sprint PCS2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
T-mobile2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
US Cellular2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
Verizon2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE


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