Portable Signal Strength Meter | YX699

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Product Description

If there is one thing that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your cell phone signal booster, it is to find the right location to install the external antenna. This zBoost portable signal meter precisely lets you to measure current signal strength for all cellular frequencies between 800 MHz and 1900 MHz and lets you find that location.


  • Measures signal strength for all carriers
  • Helps you find the exact location and direction for most effective outdoor antenna installation.
  • This device directly gets attached to the antenna with the cable provided and lets you know the signal strength on the spot
  • Compatibility

    AllTell2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
    AT & T2G Voice3G Data3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
    Sprint PCS2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
    T-mobile2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
    US Cellular2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE
    Verizon2G Voice3G Data4G HSPA+4G LTE