Cel-Fi Pro Signal Booster For AT&T 3G/4G/LTE | 951129

This Cel-Fi completely digital cell phone signal booster is a great solution for home or office where outdoor antenna installation is not an option. The receiver and broadcast units operate completely wireless to communicate with the cell phone and the cell tower.


  • Covers an area up to of 13,000 sq ft, ensures fewer dropped calls and higher data rate
  • Operates only on AT&T to boost signal on 3G, 4G and LTE often improves data rate up to 4 X times faster
  • No hassle installation increases the cell phone signal to 5 bars instantaneously
  • The receiver and transmitter units intelligently adapts to any changes that operators make at the cell tower. The Cel-Fi units also senses any interference that might occur due to other wireless devices in the building and adapt to eliminate any noise from them.
  • Installation
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