2-way Signal Splitter – CM0021

If you want to split a signal into two with minimal loss, in order to add an additional indoor antenna, this 2-way splitter will get the job done.

  • Less then 1.5 dB loss
  • Prevents interference
  • Splits cellular, LTE and AWS frequencies
  • Can also be used as a diplexers to combine 2 signal into 1
  • Note: It is recommended that the splitter be added after the amplifier unit for better results


    Electrical Data
    Low High
    Bandwidth 698 ~ 787 MHz 824~ 2200MHz
    Insertion Loss 1.5dB 1.5dB
    Ripple 1dB Max. 1dB Max.
    Return Loss ≤2.0 ≤2.0
    Attenuation 698 ~ 787 MHz N/A 22dB Min.
    824~ 2200MHz 16dB Min N/A
    Input Power 5 W Max.
    Operating Temperature -40° ∼ 185° (-40℃∼ +85℃)
    In/Out Impedance 50 ohm