4G Data Only System For T-Mobile # 871855

If you have 4G data service with T-Mobile, this is the kit for you. The 4G data speed is suitable to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hot spot for use with other devices.

Key Features

  • 62 db gain amplifier with 3 watt max output power with auto gain adjustment and auto surge protector capable
  • The outdoor Yagi antenna is a full band antenna (698 – 2700) mhz, operates in the AWS bandwidth for optimum performance in that spectrum
  • The indoor antenna is a ceiling mount dome antenna, broadcasts signal in a 360° pattern
  • Completely wireless lets you roam inside the building without having to plug or stay in any location
  • Send/ Receive emails , photos, watch videos on your smart phones with no disruption
  • Automatic shutoff circuitry in case of expected voltage or signal surge
  • Kit Includes

  • 62 dB AWS (advanced wireless service) amplifier unit
  • All weather super spectrum Yagi antenna (700-2700) Mhz
  • Super Spectrum internal dome antenna
  • Ultra low loss LMR cables 75 ft and 30 ft
  • AC power supply
  • 62dB aws super-spectrum-signal-booster

    Yagi Antenna Installation: Video Illustration

    Technical Specifications

    Part Number
    1710-1755 MHz / 2110-2155 MHz
    62 dB
    Standard Supported
    3G and 4G standards on AWS band
    Noise Figure
    5 dB nominal
    Max RF output power
    2 Watts EIRP with antenna in kit
    <= 3.5dB
    Power Consumption
    DC Power


    Antenna Impedence 50 Ohm

    LMR 400