DB Pro Two Building Cell Phone Antenna Solution – Added With Any DB PRO Kit

If you want to split the signal and amplify reception on a separate floor or room, then add this additional signal splitter and 75 ohm antenna.

Installation Procedure:
1) Install the external antenna , usually on top of the roof
2) Connect the amplifier base unit.
3) Split the amplified signal using the splitter (859958) , that comes with this Add On kit
4) Use the extra cable (RG6 satellite cable) that comes with the DB Pro KIT to extend the signal to the additional room.
5) Install the Second Internal 75 Ohm antenna, that comes with this Add On Kit

Kit Includes

859959 – 75 ohm 2-way splitter
301155 – 75ohm indoor antenna
950602 – 2ft RG6 coaxial cable