zBoost SOHO Cell Signal Booster for Verizon LTE and T-Mobile AWS – YX550

This is a data- blast signal booster for 4G data speed on Verizon and T-Mobile network only. This covers an indoor area of up to 2,500 Sq ft and supports multiple cell phones simultaneously. Note: This system works for 4G only and not for 2G, 3G or anything below that speed. Ideal for fast data transfer, meaning if you use cell phone signal to connect to the internet, then this kit will considerably increase the band width for faster upload/download speed.

Kit Features

  • The kit includes all items you need to set up a home or office repeater system. The external directional antenna, the internal amplifier and cables to connect all the parts
  • Covers up to 2500 square feet
  • FCC approved manufacturing specification allows the booster to operate in the optimal operation condition that does not over load the carrier infrastructure and adheres to Canadian standards as well
  • No physical connection is required from the phone to the device and hence a complete wireless experience
  • Setting it Up

    The kit comes with the following :
    a) Base Unit with attached broadcast antenna
    b) RG-59 cable 50 ft long
    c) Power Supply
    d) Mounting hardware (pole not included)

    Locate a place to install the external antenna, ideally out on the roof or anywhere outside the building that has the most signal strength. Mount the antenna in that location. Screw the cable on to the external antenna, run it into the building and connect it to the base unit. Plug the base unit to the power supply and enjoy faster and much improved cell phone signal.

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