zBoost YX500 PCS Amplifier Kit

Product Overview

This amplifier is very suitable for 1900 Mhz carriers like T-Mobile, SprintPCS, Cricket, MetroPCS, Suncom networks that operate in this frequency range . To make sure that this kit will work for your location visit this site to enter your zipcode to find if your carrier operates in the 1900 Mhz frequency only.

Key Features

  • Ideal for homes or small office between 1,000 to 2,500 Sq ft coverage area
  • Very Easy installation with the hardware included in the standard kit
    Multiple users can use the signal and no physical attachment or adapters required.
  • Your Dropped calls are considerably reduced and improves signal clarity, since the amplifiers directly amplifies the signal FROM and TO the cell site
  • The standard kit comes with omni-directional antenna that boosts the external signal and re-directs the amplified signal to the amplifier device
  • Complies to FCC and Canadian standards and protects the carrier network
  • Other benefits include, batteries lasting longer then usual.
  • Kit Includes

  • The zBoost YX 500 PCS amplifier base unit and antenna
  • 35′ ft co-axial cable
  • External Omni-directional antenna that gets mounted outside the building.
  • AC Power Supply
  • Mounting screws and installation hardware
  • Technical Specification:

    Uplink Frequency
      1850 – 1910 MHz
    Downlink Frequency
      1930 – 1990 MHz
    PCS Bands Operation
      A,D,B,E,F & C (all)
    Network Technology


    System Gain
      50dB 58dB
    Composite Output Pwr Limit
      EiRP +24 dBm +13 dBm
    Antenna – Signal
      3.5dBi Colinear; F-type female
    Antenna – Base Unit
      0dBi whip; TNC male
    Cable Loss
      3.5dB (50 feet of 75Ω, 3000 MHz RG-6)

    zBoost YX500 PCS Instruction Manual

    Watch Installation Video

    This is just an illustration, we recommed you install the external antenna outside the building. Find a location clear of trees and buildings to input the antenna with maximum signal.