zBoost YX600 CEL Large Area

This YX600-CEL amplifier is a great solutions for a large home, office or wear house with 5,000 sq ft area coverage. The reason for its wide area sweep is the whooping 60DB gain and a cutting edge technology that went into its engineering .

Works For: Any carrier operating in the CEL frequency of 850 MHz i.e At&T, Verizon, Alltell, US cellular.
Visit this website to know what frequency (1900 Mhz or 800 Mhz) your carrier is operating by entering your zip code.

Key Features

  • Improves all 6 sub bands in the PCS frequency
  • Supports multiple users at the same time
  • Dropped calls gets substantially eliminated
  • This amplifier works on all 6 PCS bands
  • Improves your cell phone signal strength 2-3 times depending on the signal strength you received before amplification .
  • No physical connection to any device or cord -truly wireless
  • Kit Includes

  • zBoost YX-500 CEL Unit
  • zBoost YX-029 antenna
  • 10 ft RG-8x cable for interior (more cables can be purchased separately in our cable section)
  • Other Required Hardware for installation
  • Note: Cable must be got separate


    zBoost YX600 PCS Band
       Downlink/ Uplink

    869-894 MHz/ 824-849 MHz

    PCS Bands
       ALL: A, B, A’ and B’
    System Gain
       63 dB/ 60 dB

    Composite Output Power

    Limit -EiRP

       15 dBm / 3.5 dB nominal
    Noise Figure
       5 dB / 5 dBm
    Third Order Intercept
      34 dBm / 50dBm
    Signal Delay
       130 ns / 140 ns
    Antenna Signal

    PCS – 13 dBi Panel; F-type female

    Antenna – Base Unit
      7 dBi Patch; TNC male
    Cable Loss

    3000 MHz RG-6, approximately 1 dB/10 ft. / Not Avaialble