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The size of the cell phone signal booster that you will need for a 100,000 square ft building will depend on a variety of factors, including the strength of the existing cellular signal, the number of people who will be using the booster, and the specific coverage area that you.... Read More

Why do you need a custom design? Faraday cage is the reason your metal building is acting like kryptonite to cell phone signal. What is a Faraday cage? Some people dance to an electronic beat, but some people dance to a wild electric field. Enter Faraday cages for safety!  Essentially.... Read More

Picking the best cell phone booster depends on a few factors: size of the home, quality of the signal outside of your house, the number of walls inside your house, the price you want to spend, how many carriers you want to use, and how satisfied you are with the.... Read More

There are so many ways to communicate these days. Texts, emails and video calls all have their benefits but it is hard not being able use your phone when you want because sometimes people need quick responses or prefer privacy for whatever reason. Video calling seems more private than face-to.... Read More

When you're looking for a good signal, there is more than just your location that can affect what kind of coverage and quality. It's not uncommon for buildings or other natural barriers to reduce cell phone reception as well! When searching out strong signals in the wilderness without any tall.... Read More

The new WilsonPro 710i is great for large buildings that operate on T-mobile or looking to boost signal for homes (some are that large) or office buildings that has poor signal for that specific carrier. The great news about this is that it can be used as an enhancer for.... Read More

Before we can understand how the 5G we need to understand how 5g works. • Resources should be be shared between the LTE and NR and what is the goal from DSS?Resources will be dynamically assigned based on traffic conditions.• What is the main goal and motivation for using 4G.... Read More

Many of us believe that drop calls and spotty reception is only a problem in the remote areas.That is not the case in the recent studies that has been done in urban areas and City centers.  with work-from-home becoming the norm 35% of people who are interviewed weather they would.... Read More

Weboost Home 472120  The weboost home signal booster is appropriate for a small home or an office building. if space is your constrain then this is a signal booster you want for the best price in the market. This signal booster is perfect if you are in a home or.... Read More

The directional antenna and the Omni directional antenna are separated by the fact that a directional antenna has a driver element under directional element.  the driver limit primarily drives the energy in One Direction versus the directional element gives the signal a Direction to propagate. just like an antenna that.... Read More