4G Data Only System For Verizon LTE # 871865

This latest professional grade Wilson 4G LTE booster system takes advantage of the fast data delivery on the 4G LTE network by Verizon. If you think your 4G data speed is not fast enough, its most likely a shielding problem that all fast networks like the 4G LTE suffer. The outdoor antenna is 8 dB gain directional yagi antenna, indoor panel antenna and 70 dB gain amplifier combination makes a vast improvement on both receiving and transmitting side of the cell phone tower.

Note: This kit only works for Verizon 4G LTE network, does not work for 3G, 2G.

Key Features

  • 4G LTE specific booster system for Verizon data and internet only, not voice
  • 70dB high gain amplifier for maximum signal for data and internet
  • Directional and sensitive Yagi antenna on the outside
  • Wall mount panel antenna on the inside or optional dome antenna at checkout
  • Suitable for large and multi-story buildings
  • Signal increase ‘From’ and ‘To’ the cell phone tower, bidirectional
  • Adheres to FCC and Canadian standards of communication
  • Kit Includes

  • 70 dB gain, 4G LTE 700 Wilson amplifier with smart technology
  • External Yagi antenna, extra sensitive and directional
  • Internal panel antenna to be mounted on the wall
  • 2 x 50 feet LMR 400 cable to connect the amplifier and internal antenna
  • Installation manual and antenna install hardware
  • 4g-lte-cell-phone-booster-system

    Technical Specification

    Part Number
    776 – 787 MHz
    70 dB
    Max Uplink
    740 mw
    Max Downlink
    25 dBm
    Noise Figure
    3.5 dB nominal
    ±5 dB
    N Female
    Power Requirements
    110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10W

    5.7 x 4.2 x 1.5 inch

    Weight 1.27 lbs

    LMR 400