Verizon 4G LTE Only Cell Phone Booster System – 881070

This booster system is a 4G LTE bandwidth specific system that will work on 700 MHz LTE Verizon network. If you have 4G network available for your home or office and not able to access the cell tower due to bad location or geographical obstructions, this kit will overcome those limitations with its powerful directional antenna.
Note: This kit is only for Verizon customers on 4g LTE network and not for 3G, 2G. However the antennas are full band, meaning compatible for 3G, 2G compatible amplifiers

Key Features

  • 70 dB gain amplifier that is auto gain adjusting and auto surge protection capable
  • Sophisticated power control ensures a 3 watts output, maximum allowed by FCC standards
  • Direction sensitive Yagi antenna works with precision in locating the cell tower with proper installation
  • Indoor antenna is a sleek looking ceiling mount dome antenna, that broadcast cell phone and data signal in a 360° pattern
  • Kit Includes

  • 70 dB Gain 4G LTE amplifier
  • 10 dB Gain full band (698 – 27000) MHz fiberglass yagi antenna
  • 3 dB Gain full band (698 – 27000) MHz ceiling mount dome antenna
  • 2 x 50′ low loss cable and installation hardware
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty assurance
  • Instruction Manual

    Technical Specification

    Part Number
    Uplink 776-787 MHz ; Downlink:  746-757 MHz
    70 dB
    Standard Supported
    4G LTE network
    Noise Figure
    5 dB nominal
    RF Connectors
    N female connectors on both ends
    AC Power Transformers

    Input: AC110V, 60Hz; Output: DC 6V

    Power Consumption
    DC Power


    Antenna Impedence 50 Ohm

    LMR 400