5G and its link to cancer and other harmfulness

5G is coming and it is coming fast! While the rest of the world and the US is expecting it to be the catalyst for economic and technological expansion going in tot he 21st century some are raising caution and even alarm about what this technology can do. Their main concern is that the radiation from these mesh of 5g signal can cause harmful effects to human and animal body. 5G has two prong effect on humans according to these groups that oppose the advent of this program world wide.

To understand the ill effects of 5g one has to understand the frequency in which this technology id designed to operate. 5G technology operates in the 600 MHz to 6 GHz . This is the same frequency the US military uses to disperse crowd the reaction to this frequency when used as a weapon is that of being set on fire. It is the same feeling if used as a weapon and the 5g uses the same frequency that interacts with the water molecules in our body. The water molecules begin to respond at such high frequencies and they are know to interact on our bodies. The 4g technology had a similar type of backlash from various groups around the world with now the radiation was a risk for particularly young children especially vulnerable due to their not fully developed bodies and brain skull that was not thick enough to keep the radiation from getting inside their brain causing tumors. The industry was able to keep those claims at bay by saying more research needs to be done and the earlier reports of ill effects are not completely verifiable. The same type of strategy is being employed with the 5g technology as well.