5G competition between the US and China is heating up.

5g networks have been in the making for a long time now and in the past 3 years that works has been put in to make your 5g dream come true with blazing fast downloads and insane virtual reality functionality. This video posted on you tube is the one of the few available proof of 5g network at present.

5G is still in its infant stage and lot of negative press is still out there on how bad it can be for human health With a lot of focus on how radiation effects from 5G are at the forefront of its perceived good i am wondering how long it is going to take people to get over the initial phase of this negativity. It typically have to reach a critical mass before the heard goes over the cliff. There is going to be some time for the trend setters to take the bait and push the envelop before the rest of us follow suit.

Although the race to bring 5g to the consumer first is on between the top national carriers like AT&T and Verizon the real race that matters is between the US and China. The Chinese think that the 5G will help them leap frog ahead of the US with this technology and put them on the map as global technological leader. You can tell the Chinese are serious when their government gets behind a certain initiative. The Chinese if they succeed