Apple and Amazon join hands to take business away from the little guy.

Apple has now become a specialty product and they no longer want to cater to the masses. The turn over rate of the iPhone is not as much as the Android version Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel. The iPhones are known for their longer life time and honestly are well made quality product. That has been one of the most preserved virtues of Apple products right from their Mac days till now. So, since they established that trade quality and the masses are not cycling over like they like you to be. They have made a conscious decision to make high end products that will sell fewer then the mass products of the previous iPhone days. The new iPhones are way more pricey then their previous versions even for Apple and that is saying a LOT!

Apple has got into an agreement with Amazon to effectively eliminate the 3rd party retail sellers those you sell iphones and accessories whenever a new iPhone gets released they it is a very busy period for these type of retailers that primarily do business in this niche market. However with Apple wanting to get into the high end market they see this type of merchants as a distraction from their main products. Apple’s flagship iPhone has been decreasing in demand lately due to how well the phones are built that customers do not feel the need to change phones like they used to in the past. In a survey among cell phone users the number one reason for someone to look for a new phone is , wait for it….is the camera! Yes, camera is the # 1 reason anyone look for upgrades any more. The endless selfies and cat videos are the driving force behind cell phone sales. The envelope pushing for the more mega pixels has reached its peak.  The software that control the quality of images has more room to grow and the hardware, i.e the phone camera itself is not the limiting factor anymore. Here is a nice comparison shot of iPhone Vs Google Pixle 3

Now since the economy is slowing down and consumers are looking to postpone big purchases for a later more prosperous times thr iPhone sales has been tapering to put it mildly. Apple has sensed this shift and wants to position itself targeting high end consumers who still have money to spend and would not mind shelling that extra $$$ that an average consumer cant stomach.