4G Data Only System For AT&T # 871845

This is a system that is configured to boost the 4G data and internet signal for AT&T . This system operates in the 728-746/698-716 MHz range to work with the AT&T towers 4G data. The kit is included with the full band Yagi antenna that suits very well for the At&T towers and any 4G capable phone that operates on those towers. 4G data speed is increased to operate the device (iPhone 4s, iPad) at its optimum speed for voice chat and video streaming. It should also be noted that the 4G booster system works for 4G only and not for 3G, 2G technology

Kit Contents

  • The 4G booster system has a 10 db gain, full band yagi antenna
  • 70 db gain auto configurable amplifier, is powerful enough to cover (5,000 to 10,000) sq ft area inside the building
  • Interior dome antenna broadcast signal in a 360° pattern for all around coverage inside the building
  • 50 ft & 75 ft low loss cable for efficient signal transmission
  • Kit includes all the mounting hardware like the U-bolts, screws and fixtures
  • 2 year manufacturing warranty
  • 4g-at-t-booster-system