AT&T Acquiring T-Mobile

Big news trending in US these days is the merger of T-Mobile by AT&T. On Monday AT&T confirmed that they will use new AWS spectrum which was gained by them by acquiring T-Mobile, AT&T confirmed that they will use this AWS spectrum for their 4G LTE network. AT&T have acquired –Mobile in $39 billion but that doesn’t solved the low network coverage of AT&T. Yeah, the network coverage area of AT&T will increase by this merger but the fact is that the customers of T-Mobile will automatically become the costumers of AT&T and the situation of bad signal strength will remain the same. AT&T have acquired T-Mobile just for AWS spectrum which will help them to provide 4G services all over the country but it will not solve the low coverage problem of AT&T’s customers.
AWS spectrum is only for providing 4G services and we all know that how important 4G service is for careers and how badly they want to gain control over the 4G network. AT&T have done this merging just to take control over the 4G business and now they will deliver 4G services to 95% population of the country. Problem here is that they still do not have the solution to low network coverage problem and even this merging will not improve it. Now the fact is that the customers of AT&T will increase to more than double by the end of merging process and so the number of people facing low network problem will increase drastically.
Keeping all these facts in mind some booster companies have introduced new type of cell phone signal boosters in the market which are capable of boosting signal provided by AWS spectrum system. These boosters are specially made for the signals of AWS spectrum and are tested by professionals. These new cell phone boosters works similarly to the previous cell phone booster and the only difference is that these are capable of boosting 4G signals or signal of AWS spectrum.
Even the installation of these new cell phone signal boosters is same as of the old ones and if you need help then you can go through the guide which companies use to provide with the cell phone boosters but basically anyone with mature mind can install it easily.
It has been proved that 4G usage do harm us mentally as the radiations are more harmful then 3G and 4G usage is more harmful when it is used under the low signal area. According to research using cell phones under low coverage area could cause brain tumor to humans in slow process. Its been greatly said that precaution is better than cure and if you want to take precautionary steps to avoid brain tumor in future then install 4G booster wherever it is needed and wherever it is possible