AT&T can’t keep up with 3G demand from iPhone

iPhone reception booster

iPhone reception booster

Their is a huge influx of complains coming from iphone users on 3G network. The problem lies in the fact that At&T and Apple went out in the field and committed to promises that they were not prepared for, infrastructure wise. 3G and 4G speed is the next thing in phone networks but the tower are the foot soldiers that is needed here and the towers need to be equipped with the necessary tools to deliver that kind of speed.

The Apple app store did not help the cause either, app store released too many data intensive apps. For instance the Google Latitude app for iphone is an application that requests real time data from Google maps and help you find your friends who have the same app on their iPhone, in an area. Now this application is a very useful app but the amount of data transfer required in slows down the network for others.

Another iPhone app called NBA Game Time that shows scores, standing data for NBA games for three consecutive days and the you can manually select and view scores based you custom selection. Now this app is a data intensive application that is pulling data left and right to show you the games data. The infrastructure is not ready for this kind of application and more and more sophisticated the application and smart phones get more and more data gets transferred back and forth. The back bone for this kind of technology is not their, yet.

Here is where the cell phone boosters or cell phone repeater systems comes in handy and widens that bottle neck for transmitting and receiving data. The iBooster boosts signal for iPhone and also charges battery at the same time.