AT&T Or Verizon as you next phone carrier?

Verizon and AT&T have been fighting the coverage wars for more then a decade now and their is still not a clear winner! Which in itself is a good news for consumers. The longer this battle draws out the better the signal coverage is going to get. AT&T recently edged out on Verizon with speed, but Verizon still is considered the most reliable network. Actually this new start up company Rootmetrics reportedly came about since their was not a real advocate for consumer experience. You see, claiming to be the fastest network does not necessarily mean you can complete a task. These buys at Root metrics test exactly that in their mini voyages they take around the most populated cities. The supposedly have driven thousands of miles around the country and test signal strength, task completion such as loading your pictures to Facebook, sending a text and most importantly making a call. They do these tests on off the self phones and report their findings on their website.

AT&T has made headlines in the recent months for becoming the fastest network then Verizon. Verizon still hold the strong potion of the most reliable network. This is where it might lead to some confusion, and that is because the fastest does not mean that it is the most reliable. Because , phone connection is based on network of towers and the technology that lets these towers talk to each other is more involved then we think. We think Verizon hand shake ( fancy term for when one tower hands over a call connection to another because the user is going out if its range, for e.g when driving on highways) is better then AT&T and that is the reason the reliability on Verizon network is better then At&T. That is why a faster network not necessarily mean a reliable call connection. This dates back even beyond 4G, 3G abd 2G and some say it is due to their basic technology of GSM vs CDMA.