Campgrounds Wifi access is not reliable

When we went camping this past weekend to the Horse Park for a few days it was quite a change we all needed after a long and harsh winter here in Kentucky. The campground was well kept and the campground store was well stocked with all essentials for both primitive and camper camping. The kids enjoyed the endless green grass to run in and the abundant nature to be surrounded all around.
The one major issue I had was the connecting to the Wifi that the campground supposedly have and this was our new rig and did not have my trusted Flex2Go installed in time to take it with us, the irony! Upon some inquiry i was informed that they have two towers that broadcast wifi signals and that the signals are not always that reliable due to the weather changes. Cell phone signals are more reliable then wifi signals when broadcast in outer space like they were doing in this particular location. I sure did missed the speed the internet was connecting without the signal booster. The Flex2go is 3 times faster then any other signal booster int he market.

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