Cel-Fi has proven its merit in rural areas

The cel-fi signal booster stands out of all the signal boosters that are available in the market. The cel-fi signal booster is one of a kind signal booster in the aspect of how it boosts signal. Cel-fi is the first to market all digital processing signal booster that is not quasi digital like Weboost or Surecall. Since it is a purely digital signal booster, this system is able to amplify the signal to 100 dB without sacrificing the quality and over load the cell tower. Hence the FCC has granted special permission to this anufacturer to sell a 100dB gain system while the rest of the signal boosters are restricted to 80db gain.

The dB gain is the strength of how much a signal booster can boost signal. The Cel-fi booster is capable of doing this by its advanced signal processing technology. In rural areas where the signal strength is pretty week, especially in the valleys this signal booster comes in very handy. The coverage is great , the reception is great, the signal to noise ration is great except that this booster can only boost signal for one carrier at a given time. That is the only limitation and that limitation is a non issue since most users are only tied to one of the major carrier at a given time period.

A dome antenna installed inside a house with a cel-fi signal booster

The illustration above shows how the cel-fi signal booster operates when installed with a dome antenna. These cell hone signal boosters for home have proven to be the most effective when installed with a wall mount panel antenna the radiation pattern below is what can be expected.

Panel antenna radiation patterns

In either case the signal boosted will propagate inside the building like a faraday’ cage effect you get when signal gets trapped.

The cel-fi signal boosters are among the best in class signal booster that one can buy to install in rural area.