Cell Phone Booster For Home With AT&T Trouble Spots

If you are one of the thousands of customers who recently changed your cell phone carrier from Verizon, T-mobile or any other phone company to AT&T, because you wanted to use the iPhone ? By now you would have realized that your dropped calls have increased considerably. Studies have shown that customers who changed from Verizon to AT&T are experiencing at least 1 dropped call a day compared to a rare occurrence when they were with Verizon. AT&T does acknowledge that its network is not ready for what the iPhone demands as far as data transfer and features its apps has to offer.

The good news is that you have a solution and one such solution is the iBooster , a vehicle solution for those who require uninterrupted service while in Vehicle. Home or office buildings can be solved using Dual Band amplifiers, since AT&T operates in two different frequencies usually one for voice and another for data. AT&T has limited towers and infrastructure to support cell phone users in sub urban and rural areas, though they are working to fix the in sufficiency. They are not able to keep up with the number of users that get added every day due to the iPhone craze. The cell phone boosters increase the data connectivity along with solving you dropped call instances. Other added benefit includes reducing the harmful radiation that the cell phones create while working to get good reception or to maintain the signal strength.